My name is Opher, I live and work in Caesarea with my wife and 3 kids.

My romance with architecture started very early in my life

Typically to architects, my mom claims she noticed it when I played with me my Lego or built castles in the sand box, but my strongest recollection is from when I joined my father on his tours to the old city. My father was a tourist guide who worked mainly with German pilgrims and I specifically remember the enchantment I felt walking with him down the "Cardo" in the Jewish quarter.

My formal architectural studies started at Wizo Haifa, where I acquired the holistic approach and the sensitivity to the surrounding in general and the environment in particular.

My professional practice started in a boutique firm in Haifa and continued in a mid-size firm in Tel Aviv.

After a few years I felt an eager to widen my horizons both professionally and culturally and headed to my Mother's home town - NYC.

I worked and lived in NY for 2 years, where I experienced the strengths of rigid and highly ordered work methods as well as high standards of service.

While living in NY my appetite to Architecture grew and I decided to continue my formal education.

I chose to study in UCLA, where an advance approach to architectural profession is taught, through the investigation of new methods of fabrication along with great responsibility to the environment. I spent a year at Thom Mayne's studio just after he won the Prizker award and had the honor to learn from him firsthand about his unique approach to architecture.

After my graduation I returned to Israel and worked for several years for a boutique firm in Kfar Shemriyahu that specializes in high-end projects.

In 2010 I started my own practice in Caesarea, where I have since designed and built several villas mainly in the well established neighborhoods.

Our firm is set on the notion that the key to successful houses and satisfied clients lies in three basic ideas:

1.       High End – We believe that when designing high end projects the key to success lies in the ability to synthesize the needs of the client without compromising aesthetics. We make great effort to conceal and coordinate all of the building systems and design every corner of the house to the finest details

2.       Responsible design that takes into account the environment and the surroundings.

"Green Building" doesn’t have to look like a Toyota Prius, it can look like a Lexus. Meaning that incorporating "Green" technology and knowledge doesn't mean compromising design and aesthetics. We take pride in our extensive knowledge in sustainable architecture and the ability to incorporate it in every project according to its needs.

3.       First class service – we take great effort to providing a first class service. We believe in transparency and loyalty, there for every design decision is made together with the client, and the question is investigated in a 3D model.  We take pride in NOT participating in the "commission" game that grew out of proportion in the building sector. This helps us stay completely loyal to our clients and free of extraneous considerations.